Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Western Donation to African and the trick behind it.

I'm pissed off whenever I watched CNN or whenever l read some articles or news papers, and all of them are talking about the same thing, “helping Africa” and till today non of the people who claimed to be helping African or other continent have ever ask themselves where does all this billions of dollars goes? Or how come that all this money that is being sent to this people and yet there are no improvement? People are still dying out of hunger and there are still call for more donation. Well if you all will agree with me that the so called western donations to Africa has a motives which was all about the same motives of the British government when they introduced Christianity to us because they did not introduce Christianity to people because they know God rather they use God to weakened their spirits in other to gain control and exploit this people for their own benefit, that is why today they are using the same tactic of donation as another way to dominate African and the other 3rd world countries. you know our elders says that when the land is in trouble that is when the Kings eat from it, that is what is happening today because African to the Western nations was created for the market consumption that is why they will never want Africa to be stable or have peace without conflicts, because they have to sell their weapons and they benefit when Africa is in war. If you all will agree with me why is it that non of this donors have ever ask them selves where does all this money that they donate went? Because the same money they donate was also returned to them because they donated the money to their groups or representatives or their agents who only take some of this money and return the remaining to the western nations who claimed that they are fighting poverty in Africa, Asia and middle East. The highest crime is not the one who still but the one who accommodated the stolen wealth which is the business of all the western nations are into. African have only rulers but they do not have leaders because a leader is someone who lead his people in a right direction while a ruler only rule to dominate and command.
The only solution to African problems is until African remove this their mentality that they can not do it alone without the western nations helping or supporting them before they could achieve their goals. Africa will remain backward and disrespected by the western world. What makes me to be angry the most is why can't our so called politicians learn and make thing right? What does it take to be great, it took Europe 20years after the Berlin wall to be great and developed because they were united and they put the interest of their people at heart and also believed that they can do it by themselves while African leaders stole all the money meant for their people and the welfare of the people and the money for development took it and dumped it in the western banks and they will be praising you while using you. This people have the same brain as we do how come their own is working while our brain is not working? Because we only think of ourselves while they think of their people. If Africa or any 3rd world countries want to be great and respected in the world, first we have to remove the idea of we can not do it alone, second cut of all the international help and come together put our mind and heads together and prove to them that we can do it without them and stop being a consumer rather a producers. If they can do it why can't we? let's stop accepting bribe from this western nations because they only do it to get control of you, and when someone offers you a bribe and you refused he or she will regards you and give you a respect that you might not think of, he will see you as a man with principles, but when you take the bribe he will never regard you as anything but a fool, l was once offered a bribe in Switzerland to give information about some blacks activities in Switzerland and l told the police man to fuck him self, what will l gain to gain the whole world and watch my people perish in jail. I wish l have power l will make things right. If the west really want to help African let them first return all the stolen money that was dumped in their bank's and stop accommodating a stolen money in their countries then we will know that they are really want to help African. African don't really need all this ghost donation, what they need is a leader who can give accountability of their daily activities. If you want to fight poverty is not by donating bags of rice, tomato’s and fruits and other food stuff rather by tackling the core course of the problems, which is the imposition of leadership to people with those fat stomach politicians, who only care about their families not the poor or the masses.  They money you sent to African never get to the hands of the people that it were meant for rather to the corrupted politicians. If the amount of money pumped to Africa as CNN and some news broadcasted, it is enough to transform Africa. Make an audit of all the money donated and try to reach out to the people not to the so called self style politicians. It cost nothing to provide water, good road, electricity, education and good health care for the people, God help u people because on the last day everybody will give account of everything he or she has done on this earth.   

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