Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is there a true Love?

As our elders says that they way you dress your bed is how you will lay on it. You are the one who will make your relationship work or make it crash, and this will only happen if the two people will tell them selves the truth and stop deceiving one another. The world we live on it today is dominated by the word, “Love” which everybody adopted and practice to make life easy going and give life a happy moment as long as it can last, not that there is a true love. What we have might be referred as a temporary happy moment in our love life which never last, but we claim that there is a true love because we have no choice than to adopt it in order to make our life meaningful. The word “love” in dictionaries was defined as A strong feelings of affection and sexual attraction for someone. But that affection can also put you in a bad condition that you will never come out of the shames it will put you, because it was chosen and practiced by many people in a deceitful way in order to get what one wanted, because in any mention of the word love, it has a lot of meaning and reason for mentioning it. If you all will agree with me that Men use the word “love” to deceive women in order to get to her pant, but in the process of getting to her pant you might be stocked, like wise women also. Everybody is claiming that there is a true love, while what we are practicing is just a feeling of affection or sexual attraction to people in order to have a companion and be happy in life not that there is a true Love, because there is nothing like true love and if there is l have not found it or seen it, and anybody who claim that he or she have found true love is lying to themselves. The worst part of this 'love deceive” is the lying in the present of God that we will care, love each other and spend the rest of our life together with he or she at the alter in order to deceive ourselves and think that we can deceive God during our marriage vow. Sometimes l ask my self why do people really lies and make a false vow at the alter “ for better and for worst”? Why can't we change this our marriage vow from for better for worst to let the will of God take control over this our marriages, or God whenever we don't found each other attractive let the marriage end, or for better and when the worst occur we decide whether to continue or not, in this case when the marriage crash, you didn't lie to God. Because the worst sin is lying to god. Don't get me twisted l want to prove to everybody who will read this article that there is nothing like true love, because what we are doing is like we are managing the institution called love, which means any day if there is any mismanagement on this institution it will collapse. That is what is happening in our love life today because If there is a true love as people claim then non of us will ever leave his or her first lover to another lover, or ever cheat. We always leave our first lover with a reason or with some excuses. Some women will say that l left my boyfriend because he suddenly changed, and the man will say because l don't found her attractive any more, or she is a nagging woman but at the first time you found her attractive and fall in love with her she was not a nagging woman then, or he was a nice and caring man that is why you accepted him. But now he has changed, If there is any reason that will make any relationship to crash then there is nothing like a true love. Because if there is a true love no matter what happened during the relationship, or during our marriage life then for the sake of true love as one claims then we have to make it work and stop cheating. And stop bringing a third party into your relationship, learn how to fix things right with your partner.

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