Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The way forward for Nigeria and other African Countries.

The only way for Nigeria and other African countries to develop and meet it's target is until we face the realities of our problem which is first to recognize that we are not one. As the scholar says that “a nation is an association of those who are brought together by language, by given geographical condition or by the vole assigned them by history, who acknowledge the same principles and who march together to the conquest of a single definite goal under the rule of a uniform body of law” the western world understand this statement and applied it to their systems to avoid ethnic conflicts and political instabilities. while the classified 3rd world countries refused to accept this words of wisdom, that is why they are all still battle for  political instabilities after the decolonization. For example Switzerland found out that they are not one, but were united by confederation system of government where by each canton manage what they have. America the United sate of America understand this and adopted confederation to avoid political or civil instabilities. Most western countries when they found out that they are not one people they will divide and each people stay on their own to avoid conflicts that will cost the lose of lives and properties. For example Czechoslovakia when they found out that staying together will bring moe problem , national conference was called to discourse the future of the two state and when they found out that that are not one they divided into Slovakia and Czech republic. This happened to many European and American countries. But in Africa it is a different ball game, because we are forcing ourselves to be one or united while we are not, we have different culture, Language and ethnicity and even if we want to be one by force then why not we do it they way American, Switzerland and some other part of the world did it which is confederation, that is the problem of African. For example Nigeria, a country that was merged in 1914 by the British government because of their exploitation ambition, and since then the country never have peace, always in a political instabilities and conflicts between one region and the other because they do not want to understand the fact that they are not one country, they are 3 countries that were merged together by British government, which were made up of the Igbo's from the East, the Hausa's from the North and the Yoruba's from the South west. Rather than killing ourselves trying to be one, why not divide or  if we should be one then let us do it as other people are did it, which is confederation. If dividing the country is not an option then let us stage a national conference and talk whether we are to be one or to divide, and if we are to stay as one then we must sign a treaty and reach an agreement so that every state will manage what they have and this the idea of one state producing and the other people eating while the producer are being marginalize has to stop if we really want peace in that country. Now is the uprising of an Islamic sect called Boko Haram. With their full force of bombing and killing innocent people all in the name of disagreement of the last election where by their choice of person lost out in the last general election, and now they want an Islamic state with full sharia law all over the Northern states. Fine if that is the case then that is why there is the need for a confederation system because each state will have full authority over their state and do what they want in their state and anybody who is not in support of their rule should leave the state. Or the need for the country to divide let everybody stay in their country and practice whatever he/she wish to practice, if not there will be more bloodshed and the innocent people are always the victims of this bloodshed, and the main people that this sect targeted never get caught because they are always with a heavy security.