Friday, May 20, 2011

Western wrong impression on African men choice of a woman.

Well if you ask any western people that what kind of a women does African men or blacks like? Their answer will be fat women, well l want to use this opportunity to correct that their wrong impression about blacks. Whether fat or slim it all depends on every man's choice of a woman, and there is no man who does not like a slim and light woman although some men like fat women than slim women while some men like slim woman than fat women both blacks and white, so life is full of choices, if you ask some men why do they like slim women they will answer, that they like to carry a woman on his labs and stand up to fuck her because she is light. And if you ask some men why do you like fat woman they will answer because they like women to dominate them in bed or use their body as a pillow when they want to sleep in the night. Every men both the western or African men have a difference test on the type of women he want to date. But let me tell you the reason why the westerners believed that African men like fat women. It all started late 1980's to 90's. when the first Africans migrated to the western world. Mainly in Germany, and other parts of the western world. You know during this period there was high rate of racism and African men knowing what they are looking for, and for the fact that they are intelligent and smart people on their own way. When they came to Germany and discovered that the only way to get what they want fast is through the fat women they decided to stick with the fat women because the slim women then have a high demand with a higher expectations, and their men are always around them and watching on them. You know you can't compete with their men because your a foreigner. And when you have a need and there is no resources to back up that your needs the wisest thing you need to do is to let it go, that is why they let the slim beautiful one to go because they do not have what is takes to get them that is why they decided to stick with those one that is easy for them to get and our proverbs said that “it is only a fool that does not know that his sister is a stranger in the family”. What this proverb meant is that one day your sister will marry and leave the family to her own husband's house which made her a stranger in the family because after she married she has to build her own family somewhere and will remain there until she is dead because in our culture we marry for better and for worse . And our culture made it impossible for women or men to divorce their partner no matter what happened and if a woman has been divorced by her husband it makes life so difficult for her to remarry because every men will see her as a bad woman who could not make her marriage work, but men are always at the safer side because people will only criticizes you but at a time it will all be forgotten. What I’m trying to say here is that they migrated to the west to live their for temporary not permanently. So the fat German women then were the only women that can give this boy's their resident permit and accommodate them, and if you look at this women some of them have been living a lonely life for many years without having a man in their life, some spent years without sex. And because then German's were rated as a racist country then they decided to look for the fat women. Not because they like fat women but because that is the only way to get help easily. And this set of women hardly care about whether your blacks or not, all they needed was a companion. So why do you think she will not give any man that came to her rescue any help he wanted in order to keep him, because they have no options due to their men rejected them and always go for the slim and beautiful women, everything that has happened in this world has a purpose and the purpose of those boy's going after a very fat women is because they needed their paper and help and they believe that fat women are always single with soft and good heart even till today. Although the new millennium African men does not suffers a lot to get their paper as long as you have money and the contact everything is possible and is very easy to get your documents. But then those first immigrants of 1980-90's does not have money and the western women then was blind and afraid to do business, and was comfortable with the little they had, but now everything has changed because all the women are more wiser then before, but thanks God that they are wise and strong in heart now, because now they can use what they have to get what they need. Even as they westerners tried to block the whole area but what they do not know is that the more you plan to block your lip holes in other to make thing hard for the other person is the more the others party are planing how to destabilize your plans and make way for them selves. And one thing l want to add is that any African man you see in this millennium era marrying a fat woman is marrying her as her choice women and out of love not because of paper any more because the era when people suffered about paper issue has gone. Because this time around there are solutions for every problem as long as your ready. So the more the westerners let go some of things they are trying to protect the better for them. Written by Oscar Dave

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