Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life and the imposition of language at Anglo-American University.

    The first day l received an acceptance later from the school official's, l was so happy to be a student of the Anglo American university. So when l came to lazaska l was expecting to come across a very might building because in my country when you come across a university without being told you will know that your entering a university, even the might gates and wall that was used to wall around the school compound will tell you that this is a university, even from the gate to the main building one can drive like 500 to 1000 meter before he or she will get to the main building. But when l got to the AAU Compound first to me it looks like a hotel or church. But the most good thing about the university is the quality education it offers with best and friendly teachers although some of them are friendly and some are wicked.  The university have a very good name but the only difficulties about the university is that it has no lift which makes it hard for student who takes morning classes, because waking up as early as to prepare for morning class and climbing a two story building without a lift one will be breathing heavily as if he or she had a fight, which makes student to be tired during the morning class. You will found out that some student will be sleeping in the class or some looks tired waiting for when the teacher will announce a break time, the next option is coffee, any way thanks for the expensive coffee shop at the university, where you will buy water for 25kc while outside the school it is 15kc for 0.5liters of water. As the school started l was so happy to see many student's from all over the world. I was trying to be close to everybody at the school but at a time l discovered that, most student only mingle around with the people from there country. Which makes life so difficult to do group learning, although some teachers at this school has tried hard to unit student, and the student council tried their best to create a programs where by every body will be united by introducing some games and competition. But l think it is not working because of culture differences, even one of the teacher Miller created a discussion group but still it is not uniting student, because the day's he put the program is not convenience for some student which is why some are not attending including me. l think they should change the date and ask people to vote for the days that is good for them, that is why apart from school premises you hardly see student from other countries to meet with others and do a group learning. But the most thing l found out from the student of Anglo-American University is that most student are coward, sorry to say that because l always hear student whispering about things they do not like about the school but are afraid to make it public or write a petition to the school authorities, with the hope that when they come out openly or write a petition that the school authorities will suspend them. and most discussion at the school were mostly from the international relations student. They talk about the imposition of French language to them but are not bold enough to come out to protest what they do not want, because l could remember when l wrote a petition against one of the french teacher, none of the student agreed to put his or her name on the petition letter, they only sign the petition but refused to include their name to avoid the teacher knowing who signed it, and everything was on my head. Come on you don't need to be suffering and smiling, you don't need to hide, Which made it so difficult for the school authorities to believe or act urgently after  receiving my petition, even my dean told me that the school authorities will invite me for questioning which l waited for their invitation but non came to me. One thing am sure of my self is that l am not a coward and no one can impose anything that l do not want in my life because l believe in one thing in this world which is? either you do the right thing with me or we go to war. I read a book of John Lock social contract which says that “Would people Consent to it” then l said without Locke knowing that when Locke's social contract is initiated in a country certain results occur, which lead to the people disapproving of the result. In other words, Locke's social contract is essentially unsatisfactory for a liberal society. Though Locke says that when people stay, they are tacitly consenting, due to People tacitly consented simply by falling within the jurisdiction of government. Then l asked my self this question At Anglo-American University in Prague, were people actually consented when the school authorities decided that French language must be a compulsory subject and when and how? If people were consented at AAU, when the school authorities were making French language a compulsory subject for those who are going to study international relations, then at AAU there would be an individual consent on the language courses he or she would like to choose, without the authorities of AAU making French Language compulsory based on their absolute power, without the consent of the students who is involved. And most student would have not agreed on it if they were actually consented on it. Imagine if French language is not a compulsory subject, the number of students who would like to study international relations will be higher than the number of the student who are studying international relations at AAU now. The question is why did AAU authorities decided to choose French language as a compulsory subject without a language option if other Universities in Prague did not make French Language a compulsory subject? Though Locke says that when people stay, they are tacitly consenting, due to People tacitly consent simply by falling within the jurisdiction of government. That is what is happening at AAU right now, people decided to take French language not because they want to but because there are no option left for them and because most student like the University that is why they stay. Which l can use my self as an example, l stay at the university because l love the school and because they are the best English university in Prague with a qualified teachers to my own opinion. lf not l would have moved out of the school, and we the student of international relations are waiting when the school authorities will make thing right by introducing a Language options, although the latest news is that there will be a language options  from next year with German as the alternative, which will be a welcome idea to many student. Written By Prince Oscar Iwuama.

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